Grief is a sacred journey


The Sacred Water of Life: Prayer Walk for Seneca Lake

Women walkers carried the water vessel in a ritual circumambulation of Seneca Lake to bless the water and create a circle of protection for the lake.                 The vessel moved without stopping, handed from one walker to

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Ritual at the Crossroads

“A ritual would help,” I said to my friend Pat. “I’d love that,” she said. “I’ll think about it. I want to be near water.” I’d just arrived at Pat’s home. She and I met in 1970

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Disco Balls and Candles: Grief Ritual in Unusual Places

On Saturday, July 25, my son Anthony Mansfield hosted a Leaning into Love reading at Monarch, a dance club in San Francisco. The reading was set for early evening in a downstairs room under the main bar, a place

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Finding the Sacred Feminine in Nature and Friendship

My friend Gail stopped me at the check-out at Wegman’s Grocery a few weeks ago. She beamed love at me and told me she’d just bought another copy of my book to give as a gift. Of course, this makes

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A Ritual for the Seventh Season of Grief

June 3, 2015 was the seventh anniversary of my husband Vic’s death. I planned a day with an empty calendar. I needed time to check in with myself and see where I stand. Am I pushing grief or anything else under? Do I need to

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you are planted.” ~Fortune Cookie My husband Vic died in early June 2008. Even though I was newly widowed, I was grateful for long days and spring green. Nature made it clear there was more than death

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TEDxChemungRiver: Good Grief! What I Learned from Loss

Elaine Mansfied - TedX - ChemungRiver

There is power in grieving intentionally and purposefully. Telling her own story of loss, Elaine Mansfield explains the use of ritual as a tool for empowerment during life’s most challenging times.

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Twelve Rituals That Marked My Way: 2014

Rituals focus my attention and bring a sacred sense to life. Personal rituals help me honor the things for which I’m grateful–friendship, family, the earth, and bereavement and grief work. In this spirit, I look back at rituals

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A Light that Holds the Dark

I stood in a small room with high ceilings. A shiny cloth covered lumps on a tall table. On a wooden bench next to me, Mommy lay on her belly, hiding her face in her arms. I watched the up

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Let the Warm Love Flow: Messages from Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman’s last letter came in February 2011, almost three years after my husband Vic’s death. I first met her in 1988 when I went to my first workshop with her. We had corresponded since 2003. In

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