• Elaine Vic

    The Sacred Path of Love: Letters from 1967 & 2020

    July 12, 1967 Dear Esel, After your bus left, I couldn’t face the apartment, so went to the cycle shop. Maybe mindless people could make me forget. No hope. I finally got the strength to sulk back
  • Bluebird hatching

    Carrying What We Need for Now

    The bluebird boy uses his beak to carry bugs and caterpillars for his nestlings and haul away nestling excrement deposited in fecal sacs. He keeps a tidy nest. The female does all this and has a uterus
  • antique-19th-century-country-poplar-baby-rocking-cradle-6445

    Cradled: Creating a Safe Spot in Times of Crisis

    It’s my safe spot now. I don’t love the dark walnut wood, but I love memories of climbing in bed between my grandparents as a child. After grandpa died, Mom slept in this bed with Grandma Margaret
  • Elaine black girl 1953

    Skin Color Defined Our Lives

    Two little girls stand in an open field, close to each other but not touching. I’m the straight-haired girl with glasses, 7 years old, wearing a wool coat with plaid trim. The dark-skinned girl wears overalls with
  • Anthony Mansfield, ~1969

    Walking Meditation: A Calming Practice for Stressful Times

    In the American Brahman Bookstore in Ithaca, NY in the late 1960s, a group drawn to the store and teacher learned meditation sitting on lumpy mismatched cushions. At home, Vic and I committed to sitting in meditation
  • bluebird eggs 5

    Twelve Years after His Death

    I walk to my husband Vic’s cairn in the forest to honor his life and death. Along the way, I peek in the nesting boxes to see if the bluebird eggs have hatched. I pick lupines near
  • DSC05478-001

    The Peace of Surrender

    Rushing toward Strong Hospital in 2008, I call the pulmonologist, the oncologist, the cardiologist, and our family doctor. “Should we put your husband on a ventilator?” they ask me. “Can you give him chemo after he nearly
  • DSC06639

    Praise in Disheartening Days

    During this quarantine without life’s usual distractions, anxiety follows me like my puppy. I’m safe, but the Earth trembles. I smother one flaming fear by reminding myself I’m OK. Then another flares. When my husband was dying,


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Elaine Mansfield

In my twenties, I married, nurtured my growing family, practiced yoga and meditation, and became a vegetarian and organic gardener. In my thirties, I became a nutrition and preventive health care counselor. In my forties, I studied natural approaches to menopause. In my fifties, I transformed my body with strength training and became a Certified Personal Trainer. In my early sixties, I lectured and wrote about strength training, bone health, nutrition, and healthy aging. Now, in my mid sixties, I am dealing with the death of my husband while writing about love, loss, and continuing bonds.

You’ll find old articles, guides, and stories in the sections on Bereavement, Exercise, and Nutrition. You can keep up with the latest stories and announcements on my blog.

Elaine Mansfield’s memoir Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief is now available from Larson Publications.