Find your water-lily like balance by introducing stretching and aerobics into your lifestyle.

I prepared most of these guides as supplements to the health classes I used to teach.Some were written with women (aged 40 or older) in mind, but all will help you achieve better balance and a limber, fit physique.

Appraising Your Exercise Risk: Everyone should have a physical before beginning an exercise program. I explain risk factors that make it is absolutely necessary to get your doctor’s approval and/or have a stress test. My recommendations are based on suggestions from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Three Types of Exercise For Life-Long Health & Vitality: I outline the health and psychological benefits of cardiovascular training, strength training, and stretching. We need to include all three in our exercise program to have a healthy body.

Aerobic GuidelinesI cover aerobic training for beginners and intermediates here. I wrote this under the assumption that strength training will be included as part of a weekly routine.

Stretches for Home or Work: If you spend most of your workday at a computer, here are stretches you could do at work.

Aerobic and Balance Exercises To Lower Fracture Risk: A list of exercises to improve balance and lower the risk of falling, plus improving bone-loading in aerobic exercise.