A dish of tofu, vegetables, and whole grains is a tasty way to improve your health.As a nutrition counselor, I made sure clients had access to basic dietary information. The following links provide guidelines that can be used by anyone.

Using Nutrition to Build Health: General information to help you make your whole diet healthy

Keeping Healthy With Fats and Oils: Practical ways to improve your diet based on the latest research information about healthful fats and oils.

Carbohydrates: Friends or Foes?: Many people are confused about carbohydrates and how they change blood sugar levels. Do carbs make us gain or lose weight? Should they be avoided or embraced? How do we distinguish healthy from unhealthy carbohydrates? Here I offer much beyond the outdated “simple and complex carbohydrate” classification and give practical advice for including quality carbohydrates in your diet.

Vegetables and Fruits: We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy, but here you can find efficient ways to improve the quantity and quality of plant foods in your diet.

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Weight: Protein, Caffeine, Sugar, and Fluids: I cover healthy fluid and protein intake here. I also explain eating patterns that protect your blood sugar level from over-consumption of caffeine and sugar. If you’re not an athlete, you may not need as much water and protein as I recommend here, but experiment and let your body’s reaction be your guide.

Strong Women Don’t Starve: The title speaks for itself. Women can be healthy and keep their weight where they want it to be by eating and exercising well.

Recent Findings About Vitamin D and Our Health: I explore recent research about our Vitamin D needs. We need much more than what has been recommended and a simple blood test will give you information about your vitamin D status. This information will be an eye-opener for those with low bone density, unexplained pain, and many other health problems.

Strength When You Need It: Nutrition and Cancer Therapy: The second part of a series written in 2007 and published in Master Trainer in which I discuss my husband’s diet and exercise during cancer treatment. Here I discuss nutrition and complementary therapies that improved his vitality and sense of well-being. You also might wish to read Strength When You Need It: Fitness and Cancer Therapy