A path to self transformation

At the age of 55, I made peace with my body. Despite good health habits, I was on a downhill slope, feeling older, weaker, softer, and more uncomfortable in my skin each year. I already had a healthy diet, walked intensely, and did yoga, but I was missing a major component of exercise. I was not actively working to build and maintain muscle.

Bone Health

Enchancing bone strength and health

A list of resources discussing the basics of bone-enhancing nutrition, exercise, and health habits.

Strength Training

To help you get started with strength training

Common sources of information about strength training make promises that can’t be kept. Women are led to believe that they can get strong and increase their bone density by using light weights in endlessly repeated easy movements. It’s not true.


Aerobics, stretching, and balance

I prepared these guides for the health classes I taught. Most were written with women (aged 40 or older) in mind, but all will help you achieve better balance and a limber, fit physique.


Nutrition resources

As a nutrition counselor, I made sure clients had access to basic dietary information. The resources in this section provide guidelines that can be used by anyone.


Delicious, natural and vegetarian

My husband and I became vegetarians in 1970 just after our first son was born. Then around 1995, my husband had negative reactions to dairy products so I began cooking non-dairy meals that included organic eggs. Our diet changed again in 2000 when we became avid strength trainers; our bodies demanded a higher protein diet to match the new physical demands.