Until 2011, I taught nutrition and exercise programs to groups and individuals of all ages and fitness levels. I specialized in women’s health, bone health, disease prevention, disease management, and healthy aging.

As a certified strength and conditioning trainer (NSCA-CPT), I designed and helped client’s implement individualized fitness programs including strength training, cardiovascular health, and flexibility with an emphasis on motivation and client success.

As a nutrition counselor, I helped clients design healthy and practical nutrition programs for over 25 years.

Though my priorities have shifted and I am no longer a certified trainer, I want my expertise accessible for those seeking reliable, practical advice about their health. On these pages you will find information about nutrition, exercise, bone health, weight control, disease prevention, and natural approaches to menopause.

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If you have questions beyond the scope of my offerings here, please seek the guidance of a certified health professional. I am no longer offering my services to the public. Thank you.