Anthony and David
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Reaching for a Helping Hand

“No more heroics,” my son Anthony says. His brother David would say the same. “No.…

Edna, 16 yrs old, graduating from Juliard
Family and Friends

My Grandmother’s Diary Imagined From Stories She Told

November 6, 1893 (Chicago) I’m nine years old, and I’m scared. Papa died yesterday. Momma…


First Spring Butterfly

On a rare sunny April afternoon, I sit on a round stone near Vic’s cairn…

Sky & Telescope / Dennis Di Cicco

Preparing for a Solar Eclipse

It will probably be cloudy here, because it’s March in the NY Finger Lakes. Still,…

My Land and Home Nature

After the Storm

“I lost big trees in the recent wind,” I tell the Finger Lakes Land Trust…

Family and Friends

A Shining Light Breaking Through the Storm

"But you're bound to lose If you let the blues get you scared to feel…

Vic in the forest with friends
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Divine Mother of Breath

I groped around in the dark searching for my ringing cell phone. It had to…

tubes and machines and ventilators

Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Anvil

I hear my husband Vic's favorite words when he felt pounded by life. "Sometimes you're…

Family and Friends My Land and Home

Aging in Place–with Help

On January 7, thick wet snow fell for the first time this winter. I wasn’t…

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At Winter Solstice

A man I’ve known since he was a boy put up his yearly Holiday Star,…