Grief is a sacred journey


An Owl, a Dream, and a Mystery

69 4 A few nights after arriving in Arizona to visit Dotty and her family, I had a dream: I walk up a steep hill with Dotty. I’m looking for a safe place to release a large

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Remembering Where We Belong

68 “Only from such a place of loss and longing can we begin remembering ourselves home.”                                 ~Toko-pa Turner, Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Back

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Message from My Wiser Self

49 Don’t worry when the logger leaves after one day. Be glad he cares about the forest. Be glad he’s upset when his equipment makes ruts in the unfrozen earth beneath the snow. Let the Finger Lakes

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A Mother’s Lament: “I Loved Him with All My Heart”

92 My mother-in-law Virginia was present during every conversation the last few weeks. She was alert when the public health nurse evaluated her condition and approved the application for skilled nursing care. She watched her health aide

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I’m Moving Your Mother to a Nursing Home: Active Imagination during Hard Times

146 Dear Vic, I can’t take care of your mother anymore. I can’t keep giving her the precious energy I need for my own life. I have to face that she’s almost out of money to pay

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Love Notes: The Magic That Made Our Marriage Work

261 During an exhausting week of moving my husband Vic’s 102-year-old mother to a nursing home, I searched through an old file cabinet looking for a paper needed to fill out her insurance forms. I hadn’t visited

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The Estrogen Empire Strikes Back: Seneca Falls Women’s March, 1/20/18

127 1 We drove along the west side of Cayuga Lake toward Seneca Falls, NY, the site of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park where the first Women’s Rights Convention met in 1848. One year ago, Jane

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The Wisdom of Regret: A Lesson in Showing Up

96 I remember the tense discomfort of my flimsy excuse, but don’t recall just what it was. I remember the relief of avoiding being face-to-face with a dying person. In 1991, I hadn’t learned to sit with

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Ten Things That Made Me Grateful This Year (Photo Essay)

47   1. My Loving Family 2. The Women’s March in Washington, DC, January 2017                   3. Bluebirds with Five Healthy Nestlings              

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A Time To Push, A Time to Pause

86 2 My ability to push against fatigue and check new projects off the endless to-do list ran away from home. I’ve looked for her everywhere. Believe me. I have. The Muse refuses to answer my calls.

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