Grief is a sacred journey


5 Ways to Listen for the Soul’s Call

135 1 It’s 2 p.m. This morning’s meditation was a practice in fidgets and worry. Breakfast and lunch were thrown together and the dishes are in the sink. I haven’t been outside. I feel scattered and unfocused.

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A Ritual for the Seventh Season of Grief

208 June 3, 2015 was the seventh anniversary of my husband Vic’s death. I planned a day with an empty calendar. I needed time to check in with myself and see where I stand. Am I pushing grief or anything else under? Do I need

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Grief and Depression: Are they different?

53 2 It’s hard to distinguish between grief and depression. When does one slide into the other? Who gets to choose the labels anyway? A New York Times article from January 25, 2012 explored diagnostic labels for

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New Year, New Website

1 Welcome to my new website I have reorganized my website to reflect my present life and interests. My new site features writing on my marriage, my husband’s death, and my struggles and triumphs as I create

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