Grief is a sacred journey

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Ten Things That Made Me Grateful This Year (Photo Essay)

48   1. My Loving Family 2. The Women’s March in Washington, DC, January 2017                   3. Bluebirds with Five Healthy Nestlings              

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A Dog, a Dream, and a Prize: Jung in the Heartland

327 1 I sit in a woman therapist’s office. On my lap, I hold a dog, too large to be a lap dog. The dog trembles against me in fear. I pull her against my breasts and

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Hearing the Poet’s Heart

96 I sat in the front row of Weiskotten Hall in Syracuse, NY, just a few seats from the poet Joyce McAllister. We’d come for the launch party of The Healing Muse 2016. I came to read my prose

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Ask the Heart What It Wants

79 “Vic was a consummate teacher,” I said to my therapist last week after I’d watched a video of my husband giving a talk. “Jean Raffa is a terrific teacher, too.” I’d just seen Jean’s video Dream Theatre of the Ego

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Persona: How Promoting a Book Created a New Social Self

144 Last week, I went to REP Studio in Ithaca to record passages from my book for National Public Radio’s Author’s Corner. I needed two takes of two readings, each 80-83 seconds. Peter Johnson of Author’s Corner gave

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Do You Trust Your Creative Self?

81 I walk along a country road with a woman writer, a seven-year-old girl, and a boy who is three. The children run ahead, down a steep dip in the road, out of sight. A huge truck comes

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She’s Seven Now: When Dreams Lead the Way

100 On June 3, I planned a quiet day to take stock of my life. It was the seventh anniversary of my husband Vic’s death. I wrote about the ritual aspects of the day in a previous

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An IPPY Award and a Promise Kept

464 “I probably won’t go to the award ceremony,” I said to my brother Jim when I told him Leaning into Love won the Gold Medal IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) for Aging/Death & Dying. The IPPY is considered one

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An Uncommon Caregiver: Florence Nightingale’s Feathered Nursing Assistant

12247 17 I’m honored to introduce you to Ann Marie Ackermann. A mutual friend introduced me to Ann Marie because of our interest in owls as well as books. I told Ann Marie I’d had two powerful encounters with owls. She said she knew a wonderful

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TEDxChemungRiver: Good Grief! What I Learned from Loss

Elaine Mansfied - TedX - ChemungRiver

2 1 There is power in grieving intentionally and purposefully. Telling her own story of loss, Elaine Mansfield explains the use of ritual as a tool for empowerment during life’s most challenging times. 2 1

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