Supplements to Support Bone Health

Nutrition, healing food, supplements, and vitamins for bone health can mitigate osteoporosis risk factors and lead to better bone health. Carefully evaluate your diet and supplement intake to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need for optimal bone health. I use a combination of whole foods nutrition with only a few supplements. See my list of Foods for Bone Health to get recommended amounts of bone-building nutrients and foods high in these nutrients.

Calcium: 1000-1200 mg a day for adult women. Larger amounts of calcium do not improve bone mineralization and can cause other health problems. Calcium citrate is easily absorbed, inexpensive, and well researched. Citracal +D is the type of calcium used in almost all studies, but there are many generic forms of calcium citrate with D that cost less and have the same ingredients.

Vitamin D3: 1000-2000 IUs (See Recent Findings About Vitamin D and Our Health)

Magnesium: 400-600 mg

Manganese: 2-5 mg

Zinc: 15 mg

Boron: 3 mg

Vitamin K2: 400 IU per day