Grief is a sacred journey


Birthing and Dying: Do They Have Similarities?

With baby David

“I didn’t expect it to hurt so much,” I said in a little girl whine. My husband Vic sat next to the hospital bed where he’d been all night. “Oh no, here comes another one.” “Pant, E. […]

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A Light that Holds the Dark


I stood in a small room with high ceilings. A shiny cloth covered lumps on a tall table. On a wooden bench next to me, Mommy lay on her belly, hiding her face in her arms. I watched the up […]

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Something New from Elaine


Dear Friends, I’m taking a short blogging break to redesign my website and launch a newsletter. I’ll return to my weekly schedule on September 2 with one change. Once a month this fall, you’ll receive a newsletter […]

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Guides to the Other Shore: Women Swimmin’ for Hospicare


As we walked downhill toward the lake, hundreds of kayaks, canoes and paddleboards bobbed in choppy water. Small balls floated near them–bathing caps and bare heads. Wet paddles sparkled as they moved toward us from across Cayuga […]

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You, too? I Thought I Was the Only One


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ~C.S. Lewis When I read A Grief Observed a few months after my husband Vic’s […]

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My Irreplaceable Husband

Vic with a friend, 1996

“The damned knives are still dull,” I mutter to myself. “I need Vic to sharpen them.” Just washed organic lettuce, bright baby peppers, and cucumbers drain into the kitchen sink. I gently sweep them to the maple […]

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Why I Added Detailed Advanced Directives to my Living Will

Elaine and her mom, 2007

“What’s wrong?” I asked Patty. Patty was Mom’s aide at the skilled nursing home. She wore colorful smocks with floral prints and always smiled, but not today. Aides stood around in quiet clumps with frowns on their […]

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Let the Warm Love Flow: Messages from Marion Woodman

Marion photo

Marion Woodman‘s last letter came in February 2011, almost three years after my husband Vic’s death. I first met her in 1996 and we had corresponded since 2003. In the last years, her neat and orderly letters […]

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Say Yes and Leave Your List at Home

Dad playing charades in 1958

“If you have your health, you have everything you need,” Dad said. He looked fit, played golf, and smoked Lucky Strikes like the doctors in Life Magazine ads and the other men in Mexico, Missouri in the […]

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Exploring the Spiritual Face of Loss

Liz's forest offering

Jean Raffa, an author I admire, invited me to join a blog tour highlighting authors who write about spirituality and intuitive understanding. I encourage you to visit Jean’s blog and website where she writes about Jungian psychology, […]

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