Grief is a sacred journey


Goodbye to the Generous Garden

Woodland offering

Every fall, I decide it’s silly to grow vegetables. It takes too much time. It isn’t cost effective. By February, I thumb through catalogs and order organic seeds. I can’t help myself. When the sun warms the soil, I […]

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We Are Not Alone: A Community Ritual of Remembrance


I arrive at the Unitarian Fellowship in Big Flats, NY a little early on Sunday morning. I need spaciousness and inner quiet to set up and lead a Ritual of Remembrance for this community. This is my […]

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With Vic's mom Virginia

“Embrace your grief. For there, your soul will grow.” Carl Jung Yesterday my husband’s mom looked up at me with her nearly blind milky brown eyes and asked, “Is Vic dead?” “Yes,” I said quietly. “He died seven years […]

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The Woman Wants Red

Old blue Subaru saying "Hey" to new red one

I drove blindfolded or without headlights at night. I lost my way without a map or GPS. I panicked as my car slid backwards into deep ditches. Roads were blocked and I couldn’t get home. After my […]

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Dancing with My Mother’s Death

Elaine & Marion Woodman 2007

Three months after my husband’s stem cell transplant, he had wispy dark hair and terrific energy. I needed a break from cancer and care giving. He needed a few days alone. I signed up for a week-long Body/Soul […]

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Grieving for a Sacred Grove


“Let’s walk the Ravine Trail,” my son Anthony said. This Finger Lakes National Forest trail isn’t far from my property, but I hadn’t been there this season. A killer threatens this small grove of hemlocks: Hemlock wooly adelgid, a native […]

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Mythology, Nature and Healing: Daphne meets the Green Man

Apollo and Daphne, Antonio del Pollaiolo, ~1470

Eight days after my husband’s death, I dreamed of the Green Man, a pre-Christian northern European god of death and rebirth. Consciously, I knew him as a face on a garden gate, but the dream made me feel […]

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Descending into Darkness with Persephone

Persephone & Demeter, Eleusis, 430-440 BC (wikipedia image)

I watch star-shaped autumn clematis blossoms tremble in the breeze. Honey bees stuff their pollen sacks with nectar. One Monarch floats on the wind, a silent traveler moving south. It’s the quiet season on my land. An […]

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The Memory Game: Sharing Our Secrets and Wounds


“Tell me the first thing you remember,” I asked my boyfriend Vic. I wanted to know everything. His jaw tightened. He hesitated. I saw I’d hit a raw place, but it was too late. We were sitting upright in bed, leaning against […]

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The Sacred Water of Life: Prayer Walk for Seneca Lake


Women walkers carried the water vessel in a ritual circumambulation of Seneca Lake to bless the water and create a circle of protection for the lake.                 The vessel moved without stopping, handed from one walker to […]

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