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Creativity Psychology and Mythology

Belly Laugh Blessings: Marion Woodman and the Dalai Lama

“I had a dream about you, Marion,” I said. “I typed it up.” I handed…

Bereavement and End of Life

Keeping Secrets

When our son David and I arrived at the hospital room that morning in 2008,…

Vic, Elaine, Wall Street Bull 1992
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends

Eros and Arrows of Love

“I can’t stop,” I said, choking out the words between my tears. “I just can’t…”…

with Marion Woodman
Psychology and Mythology

Navigating Depression: A Warning from a Wise Woman

"My Subaru was stuck in mud, sliding downhill backwards into a garbage-filled swamp. I was…

Vic Elaine 2006
Bereavement and End of Life My Land and Home

When the Heart Is Wiser Than the Head

“You’ll figure it out,” Vic said, gently pulling me into a long hug. He wasn’t…

Family and Friends

I Rescued a Puppy and She Rescued Me

Each night around 9 pm, Disco watches my every move. Her eyes say, “Isn’t it…


The Loving Gaze: Support from the Divine Feminine

Snow blanketed the air beyond the porch, erasing the driveway and road. Wind howled, the…

Vic old tractor
Bereavement and End of Life Psychology and Mythology

A Fertile Dream: What Wants To Grow?

It’s morning. I walk downstairs and find a note taped on the glass door leading…

Political Action Psychology and Mythology

Give Peace a Chance

After watching a video clip of armed people swarming the U.S. Capitol, breaking windows, and…

"Black Dog Winter" by Tobias Inigo
Creativity My Land and Home

Black Dog Winter: A Gift of Synchronicity

“Elaine, would you mind if I used this photo as an inspiration for a new…