Elaine and Vic, 2007
Bereavement and End of Life Creativity Family and Friends

Gifts of the Heart: Volunteering at Hospice

The lights darken on viewing night for senior project documentaries created by Ithaca College Journalism…

My mother Iva Ware, 1970
Family and Friends

My Mother’s Rules: Good Grades and No Babies

Don’t get pregnant and get good grades. When I was in high school, these rules…

Jill Swenson of Swenson Book Development
Creativity Writing and Social Media

Social Media for Authors: Jill Swenson interviews Elaine Mansfield

Jill Swenson of Swenson Book Development interviewed me about my use of social media to…

Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends

The Cancer Survivor: Hope Lodge Hospitality House 2007

“Congratulations,” Mark said as I packed up my food in the American Cancer Society Hope…

Mother of the Groom silk
Family and Friends

Dressing Up the Mother of the Groom

This body likes hiking boots and jeans. It digs deep wide holes for plants and…

with Dotty Motheral
Family and Friends My Land and Home

Remember What You Love: Deep Friendship and Thriving Plants

“Do something you used to love, even if you don’t care about it right now,”…

My Land and Home Nature Political Action

For the Love of Trees

"Come on, Elaine, let’s dress up in our Hector regional costumes and take a photo…

Bereavement and End of Life Creativity Psychology and Mythology

Writing through the Rough Spots: Healing through Story

“Write a list of questions,” Ellen instructed. “Anything that comes to mind. Just let your…

Mid Peninsula Free University catalog: 1968
Family and Friends

California Hippie Capers: 1968

Vic and I were in Palo Alto at the Free University Psychodrama Commune where residents…

photo by wayneandwax, flicker.com
Family and Friends My Land and Home

When I Leave My Home: Love, Loss, and Continuing Bonds

I arranged glass canning jars on the wooden shelves in the cellar to please my…