Grandma Edna Ware bringing eggs to town
Family and Friends

Safe in the Great Mother’s Bed: Love, Loss and Continuing Bonds

Before Grandpa died when I was nine, I often visited my grandparent’s farm where Dad…

Impressing Veronica Christina in the kitchen
Family and Friends My Land and Home

Cooking a Bowl of Italian Heaven: A Fast Vegetarian Recipe

I don’t cook as much as I used to. It’s a shame, since I spent…

Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends Psychology and Mythology

Did I Get Enough Love?

As soon as you begin to ask the question, Who loves me? You are completely…

Writing teacher Ellen Schmidt and her dog Otter
Creativity Writing and Social Media

The Joy of a Creative Writing Class

I sit with others at a long table, six with notebooks and one with a…

Vic in Spain, summer 2007
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends

Betrayal of the Body: The Secret Life of Cancer

It was only a little flu. After Thanksgiving break, Vic’s students often returned to campus…

Lauren photographing the Susquehanna River
Creativity Family and Friends

Savoring the Solitude: A Writer’s Life

The day after Liz and David’s wedding, we cleaned-up, congratulated ourselves about how well everything…

David Mansfield 1973
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends Psychology and Mythology

Talking Back: Essential Marriage Skills 101

Three-year-old David snuggled on our friend Jeanne Astor’s lap in an Ithaca clothing store. “What’s…

Bereavement and End of Life Psychology and Mythology

Roadblocks and New Beginnings

I jump in my car, pull out of my driveway, and speed uphill—the direct route…

Liz and David
Family and Friends Spirituality

Sunshine on the Wedding: June 2013

We wake up to blue skies, our weather prayers answered. Friends arrive to do the…

David, Anthony, Liz, and Elaine before the rain
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends

The Day before the Wedding: Chop, jive, and remember the missing

The morning before David and Liz’s wedding, Tropical Storm Andrea dumps six inches of rain…