Read, Walk, Breathe

DSC00032-1When you receive this non-blog, I’ll be at the tail end of a trip to Florida. My workshop at the C.G. Jung Society of Sarasota with Jean Raffa will be past tense, along with the excitement of designing a new presentation with someone who lives a thousand miles away. After the workshop, I’ll spend three days on the Gulf Beach. I plan to read, walk, write for the joy of it, and sit in the shade. And breathe. Lots of breathing.

I’ll be back with a new blog on March 22.


  1. So glad you are taking time to walk, breathe, and enjoy nature.

    Eager to see how you process your experience and what remains.


    • I just got home and will need a few days to settle back in. After 12 hours in the airport/airplane world yesterday, it is so quiet and lovely here. I am a home body, in case there was any doubt. My first thought is to write about some of the archetypal characters in the Inanna myth and what they mean to me. I know where I want to begin, so that’s all I need to know right now.

  2. Job well done! How do I know? I know you, and you do everything whole-heartedly.

    Yes, enjoy Florida now: read, stroll the beach, sit in the shade, breathe – give yourself permission to be lazy! 😉

    • Thank you, Marian. I had a few days of watching waves and walking along canals. Traveling was a little too exciting mixed with lots of waiting and wondering if the plane would be canceled. The usual airport experience. How was your writing retreat or maybe it’s just beginning? I lost track of the dates when I realized I couldn’t be there.

      • You can see our activity on my Facebook page. My plane was delayed too on the return trip. Now I feel like a flat tire. You know the feeling – ha!

        • I see you got home, Marian. And I know, like me, you’re way behind on everything and probably too tired to care. Sending you love.

  3. I’m so glad you’re taking in the extra few days to read, write and breathe Elaine. We all need that little ‘me’ time. Safe travels home. <3

    • Thanks, Debby. My five hour layover in Newark became a six hour layover because of thunderstorms, but we finally took off for a bumpy ride to Ithaca. I had all my luggage with me (be proud of me) and got home just after dark. Beautiful on the ocean, but this is my beloved quiet home and the crocus flowers are coming on.

  4. Dear Elaine, Your Florida trip sounded truly wonderful! I hope your Jungian themed workshop went especially well and that your days by the beautiful ocean were deeply enriching. Oh the sheer joy of returning home! Being another home body I appreciate the anticipated return. For while away, I even miss the trees! Enjoy the peace and quietness, and draw upon the inspiring beauty of those vibrant crocuses. Bright spring wishes, Deborah.

    • Thank you, Deborah. I’m back home and will write a little about our workshop this week and maybe more in coming weeks. This week, I’ll focus on the Archetype of Friendship–with Ninshubur’s important role of trusted friend and helper in the Inanna myth. Working together, Jeanie and I are necessarily learning about this archetype.

      I love home. I saw a male bluebird this morning, my favorite sign of spring. The silence is balm to my struggling ears. Airports are hard in many ways, but the sound is exhausting for me. Crocus blossoms are coming on.

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