New Year, New Website

Welcome to my new website

I have reorganized my website to reflect my present life and interests. My new site features writing on my marriage, my husband’s death, and my struggles and triumphs as I create a new life from the rubble.

I am currently working on my first book, a memoir.

I lead a bereavement group called “Continuing Bonds” at Hospicare of Tompkins County, Ithaca, NY, for women who have lost their partners or spouses. I also study mythology with a women’s class that has been meeting for 25 years.

My website will continue to provide reliable and practical information about nutrition and exercise with an emphasis on women’s health. However, I am no longer a certified trainer and cannot offer specific advice.


  1. Hello dear Beautiful Elaine! What a wonderful website and blog. Thank you for sending wg this link. Sending you angels and healing xxx Laurie

  2. Just looks great

    • Thank you. It was posted when my blog began in February 2012, but it took until May 1 of that year to get going with blogging.

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