My Land and Home

Unintended Consequences, Unexpected Gifts

First the old car had to be replaced, the one Vic and I bought before he…

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Winter Solstice: In the Midst of Darkness, There is Light

Lighting one candle from another - Winter night. ~Yosa Buson When I was a kid,…

Drawing inspired by Orpheus
Nature Psychology and Mythology Writing and Social Media

Ask the Heart What It Wants

“Vic was a skilled and entertaining teacher,” I say to my dream therapist after watching…

Our community greeting the Dalai Lama at the Ithaca airport, 1979
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“I Am Because You Are”: Community and Compassion

“I watched Vic talking on YouTube earlier today,” Deborah Gregory, poet and Jungian writer at…

Woodland offering
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Goodbye to the Generous Garden

Every fall, I decide it's silly to grow vegetables. It takes too much time. It isn't…

Bereavement and End of Life Spirituality

We Are Not Alone: A Community Ritual of Remembrance

I arrive at the Unitarian Fellowship in Big Flats, NY a little early on Sunday…

With Vic's mom Virginia
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends


"Embrace your grief. For there, your soul will grow." Carl Jung Yesterday my husband's mom looked…

Old blue Subaru saying "Hey" to new red one
Bereavement and End of Life Family and Friends

The Woman Wants Red

I drove blindfolded or without headlights at night. I lost my way without a map…

Elaine & Marion Woodman 2007
Bereavement and End of Life Psychology and Mythology

Dancing with My Mother’s Death

Three months after my husband’s stem cell transplant, he had wispy dark hair and terrific…

My Land and Home Nature

Grieving for a Sacred Grove

“Let’s walk the Ravine Trail,” my son Anthony said. This Finger Lakes National Forest trail isn’t far…