Grief is a sacred journey
  • DSC00198

    The Comfort of Small Things

    Chickadees throw back their heads to praise the dawn. Bring us morning. Bring the light. They bring me faith in exchange for seeds. Mexican music blasts over the driving range loudspeakers. A tiny brown and white pup nibbles my pudgy five-year-old fingers. Hello, new […]

  • At home 1998

    An Unexpected Gift

    He was lucky to get a teaching job when few were available in 1973. I was lucky to have his financial and emotional support. We were both lucky because we were in love. I was also pissed […]

  • Still strong during earlier cancer treatment

    When Dreams Tell Our Future

    “I had a dream last night,” Vic said in a thin raspy voice. “Really?” I said. Although he’d experienced a lifetime of vibrant dreams, he’d had few during recent months fueled by prednisone, codeine, and Ambien. “Yeah. I dreamed the […]

  • Tampa sunset on day before flight

    I Thought I Could

    My flight home from Florida was threatened by another winter storm on the east coast. How I miss my husband Vic at times like this. “It’s in the hands of nature and United Air,” he would say, “so we […]

  • DSC00616-001

    Living with Impermanence

    “You likely have cancer,” the oncologist said to Vic. With those words, my husband and I landed in a world of crisis care and lost dreams. I was (and still am) part of a women’s mythology class that had […]

  • Wedding portrait Welling

    My Grandma’s Juicy Secret

    After Mom entered an Alzheimer’s residence in 1995, I received two cardboard boxes of mementos. Her husband had found the musty crushed cartons in the basement when cleaning out Mom’s possessions. Since Mom no longer recognized what she […]

  • img046 - Copy

    How My Dog Taught Me the Power of Ritual

    Our ten-year-old Lab left the car reluctantly. Instead of running ahead and waiting on the dock for us to throw a stick, our water boy stood near the car door without a wag. “He has cancer,” the vet […]

  • Vic & Elaine 1981

    When We Had Plans

    When our two-hundred-year-old barn was in danger of falling down in 2005, we built a new one. We put large windows in the southwest corner and added pipes for plumbing. We imagined Vic would have cabin fever if he […]


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  • Elaine Mansfield

    In my twenties, I married, nurtured my growing family, practiced yoga and meditation, and became a vegetarian and organic gardener. In my thirties, I became a nutrition and preventive health care counselor. In my forties, I studied natural approaches to menopause. In my fifties, I transformed my body with strength training and became a Certified Personal Trainer. In my early sixties, I lectured and wrote about strength training, bone health, nutrition, and healthy aging. Now, in my mid sixties, I am dealing with the death of my husband while writing about love, loss, and continuing bonds.

    You’ll find old articles, guides, and stories in the sections on Bereavement, Exercise, and Nutrition. You can keep up with the latest stories and announcements on my blog.

    Elaine Mansfield’s memoir Leaning into Love: A Spiritual Journey through Grief is now available from Larson Publications.