Grief is a sacred journey

Bereavement and End of Life

Bookends of a Marriage

91 On a September afternoon in 1966, when I was a 21 year old student at Cornell, I met an older man—he was 25—in a motorcycle shop in Ithaca. His muscular body arched over the skeleton of

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Engaging and Letting Go: Holding the opposites of love and loss

60 “I asked Liz to marry me,” my older son David says on the phone. I hear the drone of engine noise, so I know he’s driving home from a weekend trip. “What did she say?” I

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Governor Cuomo: We Won’t Let You Frack New York

Don't Frack NY1

12 On August 27, 2012, people from all over New York State marched to the capital building in Albany and delivered 3,200 pledges to resist fracking to Governor Andrew Cuomo. Hundreds of small environmental organizations joined under

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Small Goodbyes: Opening the Heart to Loss and Love

56 1 Being alone was all right, as long as nobody came and left again.  — Das Blauekleid (The Blue Dress) by Doris Doerrie, translated by Ellen Schmidt At 1:00 am, I look out my bedroom window

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Creating Community with Pie: Inspired by “Making Piece” by Beth Howard

10 Pie is community glue, its very own language of love. “That blueberry looks just like the pie my grandma baked,” one grizzly old guy tells me at the Hector Fireman’s Fair. I grin and laugh and

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My Mysterious Home: Love, Loss and Continuing Bonds

33 1 When will the house need a roof? When does the septic tank need pumping? How do I hook up the generator when the power goes out? How many cords of firewood do we burn each

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Flowers for the Living, Flowers for the Dead

21   “Go ahead. Arrange and rearrange the stones on top of your beloved’s grave. Keep arranging those stones for as long as it hurts to do it, then stop just before you really want to. Put

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Loneliness and Solitude in Grief: A guest blog by Marty Tousley

8 I recently discovered an outstanding website and blog titled Grief Healing by Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, DCC. Marty has been a bereavement counselor at Phoenix, AZ’s Hospice of the Valley since 1996 and launched her website

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Why We Need Hospice Help with Bereavement and End of Life Issues

6 In late October 1959, the illness began as a simple cold and quickly moved to kidney failure. Since Dad was sick for twelve of my fourteen years, I was used to this. His doctors often predicted

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The Dalai Lama’s Templeton Prize

61 In March 2012, a friend sent a link to a Huffington Post article: Dalai Lama Wins Templeton Prize For Work On Science, Religion. I flashed back to forgotten details of the weeks before my husband Vic’s

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