Grief is a sacred journey

Finding Wisdom in Aging and Loss: Turning Toward Soul

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Date(s) - 05/17/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio


“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

As we age, we lose what we counted on—people we love, jobs, homes, our health, and our belief that we’re in charge of life and can fix any problem that arises. Using an example from my life, we’ll explore how turning toward loss led to meaning and a new path toward Soul or Self.  We’ll discuss ancient mythological stories from the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and the pre-Christian European God of Rebirth, the Green Man, to find universal patterns in our unique losses.

Many tools help us move from loss to meaning and a renewed sense of wholeness: active imagination, dream exploration, creative expression, working with our bodies, and more. We’ll share a writing exercise and small group discussions to discover new ways to work with personal and collective loss.

The weekend “Finding Wisdom in Aging and Loss” includes a Friday night lecture/discussion called “Turning Toward Soul.” See “Harvesting the Wisdom of Aging and Loss” for a description of Saturday’s workshop. I hope you can attend both, but you can come to just one or the other. This is sponsored by First Community Church, Burkhart Center, and The C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio in Columbus, Ohio.

Date of this event is postponed to spring 2019. I’ll post the exact date when I know it, along with price, location, and contact for registration.

  1. Good morning, I’m writing inquiring about the lectures in Columbus, Ohio. Are these open to the public, what is the cost? I am a student of Spiritual Direction, Dream Work and have studied/read some jungian analysts. I’m a newbie at some of this work however I’m eager to listen and learn.

    I’m a Social Worker with Hospice, at age 50 I completed my Master of Social Work and feel lead to working, caring for people and helping them find dignity in both life and death. I’ve been on a 10 year personal journey of seeking my true self. I would enjoy more information on these 2 lectures. In peace, Renee Mullins

    • Renee, how nice to get your response to my announcement. Yes, the weekend is open to the public. I don’t know the cost, but the organizers know and I imagine it will be reasonable. My contact person in Columbus is Linda Meadows , so I suggest you send her an email asking about cost. (And I need to ask so I know, too, but I’m not making those financial decisions so I hadn’t asked.)

      It sounds like this weekend would be perfect for you. It will not use technical language or assume a Jungian background. I hope to send people home with tools to use with people they work with and themselves. I’m just creating promotional material with details of what will happen Friday and Saturday and will send that to Linda today. I don’t know when they’ll begin promoting the workshop, but likely in August. You probably know I’ve worked as a volunteer hospice bereavement group leader for many years and also give talks and write for hospice along with doing other volunteer work there. My mother-in-law was a hospice patient and we both got so much practical help and heart comfort from our social worker. Thank you for the important work you do. I hope we’ll meet in Columbus. If you don’t hear back from Linda, let me know and, with your permission, I’ll send your name and email to her.

    • Renee, the workshop in Columbus has been postponed by organizers until Spring 2019. I put a date for the first weekend in May in the announcement because the Word Press program demands a specific date. When we’ve decided on the exact date, I’ll post it here and let you know. I’m sorry and hope this isn’t an inconvenience for you.

  2. Dear Renee, my workshop in Columbus, OH will be May 17 (Friday, 7-9 pm) and May 18 (Saturday, 9 am – 1:15 pm). Thanks for putting up with changes. I hope the new dates work for you. I’m grateful we found a date that works for various organizations involved. I’ll have more details about location soon. Again, thanks for patience.

  3. Dear Elaine, I am eager to attend and do hope my schedule can support this weekend. I would love to hear, listen and learn from you. I somehow missed these posts from you and your reply, my apologies. I was lead here this evening, synchronicity perhaps. I will look for more information in the coming months. My email is if I could be placed on the emailing of the event I would greatly appreciate it. Much peace, Renee Mullins

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