Grief is a sacred journey

Psychology and Mythology

Home with Hestia: Goddess of the Hearth

On bitter winter mornings, I am a devotee of Hestia, Greek Goddess of the Hearth. I descend the wooden steps from my bedroom, shoulders shrugged against the cold, put my dog Willow outside in the shivering dawn,

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The Art of Argument: Essential Marriage Skills 101

We faced off in the upstairs bedroom, sitting on a mattress on the floor in the house on Cayuga Lake where we moved soon after our wedding in 1968.The afternoon light was low and the bedroom window

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Feminine Healing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: 2008

In February, prednisone gave Vic a prolonged energy surge. He longed to be alone and taste independence, and I wanted to think about something besides the timing of medicine and doctor’s appointments. Barbara Nowogrodzki, an artist, teacher,

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Grief and Depression: Are they different?

It’s hard to distinguish between grief and depression. When does one slide into the other? Who gets to choose the labels anyway? A New York Times article from January 25, 2012 explored diagnostic labels for mental illness.

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